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Work your ISOMALT like a professional!

In this course Javier Azócar will take you by the hand from firing to finishing your isomalt decoration.

With Crystal Garden you will learn the basic notions and properties of this material: how to use it, how to fire it and how to temper it to ensure the success of the pieces you will build, an essential point!

Important! Isomalt firing is the basis of a successful work: if the structure is not well consolidated your result will not be optimal.

· You will be able to work on sugar sculptures with 3D realizations to add monetary and artistic value to all your cakes.

· You will learn how to stretch and model flowers, you will work on two models but it will give you the basis to make any flower you wish.

· You will make all kinds of leaves in isomalt.

· You will use the silicone molds and you will know how to give them the perfect finish.

· You will learn how to keep your isomalt before making your piece, how to keep it in process and how to keep it once finished.

Does your isomalt get worse or melt? With this course we will explain why and how to avoid it.

Crystal Garden is a modern isomalt course, super complete and suitable for all levels and that will be yours for life, you can’t miss it!