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Professionalization Cake Desing and Start-upYou will learn to master The Cake Desing techniques of excellence and develop entrepreneurial and marketing skills to exercise your profession and passion of Cake Designer in France and abroad

Mélanie Guyet – Cheffe patissier Luma’s Cake – diplômée Ferrandi, Bonnie Gordon College of Confectionary Arts, Ceproc et expérimentée dans le domaine du cake design

Javier AZOCAR – CEO Luma’s Cake – Expert marketing – Formateur cake designer International

Adeline DE GEYTER – Cake designer specialist en biscuits glace royale

Gabriella KOPE UNAL – Expert dans l’art des fleurs en sucre.

Noemi Lopez – Chef patissier de Dulcey EMY – Espagne

Caninet CONEX – Amastène MEDJKANE – Expert-Comptable- Commissaire Aux Comptes – Hassan BIZGUERN


Duration: 12 DAYS

1 :- Introduction and planning of trainingReal Drip Cake- Preparation and cooking of the sponge cake- Preparation of the filling cream (several options)- Elaboration of a crispy- Cake assembly- Preparation and smoothing in Buttercream with Swiss Meringue- Use of a stencil and creations decorations- Realization of drip and poaching decoration.

Day 2:

Initiation to fondant

– Presentation of different types of fondant- How to choose its fondant- How to cover different types and shapes of cakes (work on dummy)- Making of sugar paste molures- Use of Mesh Stencils

DAY 3: Realization of a floral composition in full sugar- Making of Sugar Roses- Making of sugar renaculus- Making of sugar foliage- Working : Making a party table cake design- Cooking and decorating cupcakes- Cooking, Donuts icing and decoration- Preparation and decoration of Magnun Cakes- Preparation and decoration of Popcakes- Making of lollipops in meringue

Day 5:Modeling of a complex character Structure , composition and modeling

Day 6:Realization of a gourmet table partyTechnics specializing in French pastry-

Entremet deceives the apple eye:- Making a biscuit streusel- Making a Ganache Montée- Making a insert- Making a red velvet flocage

Day 7: The art of decorated cookies- Recipe and preparation of cookies- Preparation and mastery of royal icing- Decoration on different techniques of Royal icing- Perfect smoothing- Volume effects and textures

Day 8 :Cooking and assembling a large piece mounted – Recipe and cooking of the sponge cake- Filling and fodder- Preparing the ganache- Consolidation of a structure of more than 30 cm of heights- Ganachage and smoothing at the perfect angles

Day 9:Advanced decoration of a large piece mounted (day 1)- Coverage and angles perfect in sugar paste on a large piece mounted- Painting in fondant- What fondant , what paintings and tools to use- Drawing- Contrast effects work and volumes

Day 10 Advanced decoration of a large piece mounted (day 2)- Use, modeling and decoration in isomalt- Preparing decoration
– Assembly  decoration

Day 11:
– How to open your company
– Different types of statutes

Making your Business Plan
– study Case
– Marketing mix
– Realizing your annual plan
– Forecast revenue stimation
– Making your LP

Day 12
Personal branding
– What personal branding is and why it’s important
– How to create and develop your brand
– Examples via personalities

Social Networks Mastery (Instagram Focus)
– Introduction to social networks
– Creating content
– Expanding your community
– Diagnosis and personalised recommendations for your account