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In this course you will learn professional fine pastry techniques applied to Cake Design and decoration techniques that have built the worldwide notoriety of Luma’s Cake.

Javier Azocar will accompany you to make a Luma’s Cake from A to Z:

Preparation and concept ·

Cake: it will give you the base of its famous cake without oil and without butter! The same one that he uses in all his cakes, fluffy, delicious and very strong to hold large decorations. The best? You can add ingredients to make it in different flavors! This time we will do it with hazelnuts.

· It will teach you how to work with recipes and fillings, delicious preparations inspired by French pastry and that you can use in a thousand ways.

– You will learn how to work the gelations of fine French pastry inside your Cake Design cake without any risk to stability. INNOVATING! For the first time in the industry, we are introducing this concept until now reserved for French pastry.

In this course we will gel lemon, ginger and rosemary but you can adapt it at home to the flavors you can imagine.

· You will work a super creamy and stable white chocolate and lemon ganache. Javier will teach you the cunning to work the acid ph.

· You will make a hazelnut cream so rich and easy to make, you won’t believe it!

· Did you imagine that you could add a PESTO to your cake? Well yes, and it is refreshing and delicious! We will make a pesto of hazelnuts, lemon and mint. A unique touch. We will give you detailed advice on pastry, the action of gluten, the true function of syrup, glucose, conservation, and much more! You will learn how to build and consolidate a tall structure like each of their iconic cakes (How does Luma’s Cake make those cylinders so tall?…) Here we will raise the cake to 40cm! How to work the structure? How many dowels? All answers in this course. You will learn how to make a perfect coverage ganache ideal for everything, even for hot and humid countries! And, of course, for complex decorations in the pure Luma’s Cake style. It will teach you to work the fondant with all its cunning to have PERFECT-TOS results. Paint like Luma’s Cake? If possible. And you will! You will learn his signature: the painting on fondant that you can apply to all kinds of drawings or designs.

· How to draw What paints to use

· What fondant to use: Not all fondants will give you good results! How to paint and bring your character to life

· How to apply it on cake and give it volume: as you can see in their cakes · How to work the background watercolor effect And STOP being afraid of Isomalt! In this course you will also learn its use.

· Javier will teach you how to cook isomalt. The most important stage and that many ignore.

· How isomalt should be tempered to ensure a stable and durable structure The use and benefits of calcium chloride · How to preserve isomalt, before, during and after your decoration · You will learn the isomalt blowing technique! How to model and blow the spheres. A technique that you can use in a thousand ways in your decoration and include in your desserts

· You will work like a true professional to give the most sophisticated touches to your cakes Beyond a technique, with this course you will learn thousands of tricks and tips that will allow you to have the expected success in all your projects and that will allow you to get your business off the ground. A class that you will do at your own pace and that will be yours for life. In addition, it gives you access to a private group where all your questions will be answered. You will see how Luma’s Cake went from a family hobby to the number 1 Cake Design company in France and highly recognized internationally!

You will learn in first person the creative process of Javier Azocar, his inspirations and his way of leading his company. What are you waiting for?