Toucan – Cake to order

140,00 TTC



Order your personalized cake according to our Toucan model.

Once your order has been confirmed, we will contact you to choose your toppings.

Here are some examples of toppings that you can choose:

– Vanilla cake, caramel coulis, speculoos cream. – Vanilla or lemon cake, white chocolate cream with lemon zest

– Vanilla cake, raspberry coulis, intense vanilla cream

– Chocolate cake or Vanilla cake, passion fruit cream / milk chocolate – Vanilla cake, praline cream or salted butter caramel or Speculoos, caramelized pecans.

– Vanilla cake, praline ganache, raspberry cream. – Vanilla cake, chocolate ganache, Oreo cream – Chocolate cake, white chocolate mango, raspberry cream…

This price corresponds to a cake for 12 people